I've given myself a 12-week challenge!

Day 1

Now I've been doing live streaming for over two years now, but what you might not know is every time before I go live, there's like a wild storm going on in my head. There's like an earthquake going on in my stomach.

Things that are swarming around my mind are “Have I got the lighting, right? What about my clothes – are they suitable? What about my background? Maybe I will do a background and it won’t be consistent every day? What will that look like? Unprofessional? What am I actually going to talk about? You know, even if I've kind of prepared it in advance, isn't the right thing? Do I even know what I am talking about? How long is it going to be? Is it going to be too long, going to be too short? And it continues on…what location should I film in? In the studio? Maybe better outside? But outside I will be using my phone – what will that look like? Oh, and what microphone am I going to use? And I've got tons of microphones! What camera am I going to use? Yes, you guessed it – I have tons of those too. So, I've got all this going on in my head and I'm thinking, right. Okay, I'll do it this way. I'll do it that way. But maybe better if I do it this way. And then ultimately, phew! - I get all that set up.

And I'm ready to go.

I've planned what I want to say. Everything is ready.

And then I'm like, wait a minute… Am I going to be disturbed by WhatsApp? My phone? The door bell? I put everything off because ultimately there's going to be all sorts of disturbances.

And now everything's ready to go.


Amazon comes to the door. Can you believe it? I think he is going to bash down the door! So, I rush to Amazon. Politely receive the parcel and then I have to get back into the state again.