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  • What is Eden?
    Eden is a flagship provider of connecting, communicating and compassionating reliable and fast holistic wellness solutions for every individual that is referred to us. Offering fast online access to a wide range of therapies, whoever and wherever you are. Eden Wellstyle is breaking down the ‘healthcare silos’ who often ‘stay in their own lane’ and rarely intercommunicate. Eden is providing true interdisciplinary care.
  • How do I pay?
    The only way to pay is by following the instructions from your case manager and outlined in your contractual terms of service. The payment links are by far the easiest way and these will be sent to you by your case manager. You should not in any circumstance attempt to pay your independent practitioner or enter into any discussion about pay with them. This may put your treatment at risk. Any questions regarding pay or fees should be directed to EDEN, where we are happy to help. Before you go ahead with EDEN we bring to your attention many times in verbal and written advice that your appointment(s) may be more expensive than other possibilities. We express openly that this is due to paying for speed of appointment(s) as well as for expertise and personal service that others wait months and sometimes years to receive.
  • Do you share my financial information?
    No, and you must not either outside of the payment gateways. Please see our privacy policy for further details.
  • Can I meet my specialist in person if they prefer?
    EDEN is a fully integrated digital platform providing specialist wellness services. We do not offer face to face meetings/appointments/assessments for any of our clients (associates). Should you choose to meet an independent contractor face to face, this is against protocol and puts EDEN, you and the practitioner at risk. This could result in your contact with EDEN being cancelled.
  • How do you use my email address and personal details?
    Where appropriate and necessary to effectively manage your referral EDEN will share your personal details as an introductory service so that contact can then be made from your specialist wellness provider. Contact details are reserved for professional contact only and in accordance to GDPR guidelines.
  • Does EDEN offer groups or just 1-1 sessions?
    EDEN offers both, depending on your needs. You will be assigned to a suitable practitioner based on their level of qualification, competence, expertise and insurance.
  • What age does EDEN services accommodate?
    We offer services to all ages, depending on our clients needs and the practitioner's level of qualification, competence, expertise and insurance.
  • Does EDEN have a clinical client/patient note system?
    No, EDEN does not store any clinical case notes. All client notes are handled by your wellness professional.
  • Does EDEN accept referrals through health insurance providers?
    Not at this time, but watch this space!
  • Does it cost the specialist to work with EDEN?
    It does not cost the specialist (contractor) any money to work with EDEN. It will however cost kindness, compassion, understanding and connection, all which will be returned to you in abundance.
  • How do I know the wellness professional can be trusted and of good quality?
    Wellness services of the highest quality governance and user safety are paramount to Eden. That's why all our specialists are fully checked, insured and complete a rigorous compliance process. This includes but not limited to the following checks: 1. Right to work in the UK (ie Passport / NI Number / and Driving Licence) 2. Evidence of professional registration and accreditation (eg BACP Accreditation) 3. DBS check valid and up to date 4. Insurance - public liability and medical liability insurance where appropriate 5. GMC membership where appropriate 6. Evidence of qualification and relevant certifications (eg Consultant or EMDR etc) 7. Two references 8. Evidence of Training and Continuous Professional and Personal Development (CPPD) We will only work with those that are fully compliant and are suitably qualified and experienced to fulfil your wellness needs.


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